Thank you for purchasing a quality Australian made fort from 4Kids N More!
Displayed below are some step by step demonstration photos and instructions to assist in assembling your BB001 Cubby Fort Model. 
After viewing this, please read the instructions that were included in your fort package prior to assembling so you have as much information possible to start constructing your fort. 


STEP ONE: Assemble the front and slide panels together

Please make sure area and surface for the fort is completely level and firm.
With help, stand the front panel and slide panel upright and slot into one another. Screw in place.


STEP TWO: Assemble the floor, back and side walls into position

With help, position the floor panel into applicable slots on the two standing panels. While one person is holding the floor into position, place the back wall into applicable position. Screw in place as shown in three photos below.

Add the remaining two walls and secure in place.



Secure the floor with screws



STEP THREE: Assemble the roof panel

Lay both roof panels onto a flat surface and line up the 5 etched rectangles. Place the 5 bracing panels into the etched out rectangles as shown in the image below and screw in place. With help, lift roof into position on top of the assembled panels and screw in place.




STEP FOUR: Install the handle & accessorie supports 

Place each of the 4 handle supports onto the sides (inside fort) where handles are to be placed on the outside. These allow enough board to screw into to hold the handles firmly into position. Add the smaller pieces for the telescope and steering wheel as shown in images below.






Add the support panels underneath, inside the cubby for the slide and climb wall




ASSEMBLE THE CAFE PIECES: Place the cafe counter and ends together and screw in place. The cafe counter sits on top of the cafe window. Repeat this step with the cafe seat panels. Position the assembled seat into the slots at the front of the cafe window and screw in place to secure. Add the sign.







STEP FIVE: Assemble the climb wall & position

Add the three back supports to the back of the climb wall. Depending on which side you would like the ladder or climb rocks will depend on how you place these supports.

Screw the climbing wall backing cleat onto the inside of the cubby where the climbing wall will sit. This is added so the climb wall can be screwed into from the outside to secure. Place the assembled climb wall panel into position and screw in place as shown below.




STEP SIX: Install accessories

Install all handles, slide and accessories where instructions show.
Install the slide backing cleat onto the floor panel inside cubby, underneath where the slide sits so when installing the slide, the screws will go into this timber as well.





We highly recommend either painting or staining your fort for longevity. This is required to stay within the guidelines of our warranty. Please store panels in a flat position, in a dry area until it can be coated. Timber may warp if panels are left unassembled up against a wall.

View our painting recommendations - Painting is recommended prior to assembling

Any queries, please contact us any time, we're here to help!