Painting your unpainted MDF Product

PAINTING Unpainted MDF  for indoors
Unpainted MDF option - We've found this board so simple to paint!

We recommend using a small roller to give a better finish for the painting and is less messy. (Use a paint brush if choosing to varnish though)
No primer is needed (we've tested it)

Important: Do not get any paint in the connector holes, straight cut edges or any grooves. These need to be kept clear to slot the item together and will not be seen. Use a semi gloss or satin water based exterior paint. We find the exterior paint more hard wearing 2-3 coats, depending on the colour, you may need to apply an extra coat of paint. Darker colours coat very easily. A 4ltr tin of paint will fully cover your indoor cubby house. Available at Bunnings - approximate price range $70-$100 with small roller and sleeves + 180 grit sand paper.

Lean the larger panels up against a wall, or if you have the space, one a table. Once you have your area set up, roll the first coat of paint on covering the entire area smoothing out any bumps of paint. Roll the roller along the edges as well. When dry, repeat again. Before adding the final coat, rub the sandpaper gently around the edges to smooth a little and apply last coat.

Check out our painting tips with videos here

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