Cafe01 indoor cubby house assemble instructions

Painting your indoor cubby
Please store cubby in a dry place, in a flat position until it can be painted.
Easy indoor cubby houses are made with unpainted 18mm MDF or white satin board - suitable for indoor play areas. Painting your indoor cubby house is highly recommended to help extend the life of your cubby and is required as soon as purchased to keep within the guidelines of our warranty.

  • IMPORTANT Painting your cubby is best when not assembled.

  • Apply 2-3 coats water based paint (best applied with a small roller) try not to fill holes with paint

  • For a smoother finish, we recommend a light sanding around the edges after the first or second coat

  • Water based paint (TAUBMANS ENDURE) – satin or semi gloss for best results and easy cleaning

View our recommended painting options

Below are some assemble photos with easy instructions to assemble your cafe shop cubby house. This is a two person task.

Please make sure no little ones are around when assembling as the cubby panels are quite heavy. Keep packets of small items out of reach from children while assembling. Add signs to the applicable front panels first making sure to tighten firmly so little fingers cannot undo. 

With a helping hand, start with the back panel and one of the side panels and slot in place. Push the connector cross dowels into the holes on the back panel making sure the cross is left on the outside of the hole. Push the connector bolts into the side panel and screw in partially just enough to hold, do not tighten yet. 

Insert the roof panel into the top slots on the back and side panels, holding in place so not to fall. 

Add the kitchen and shelf panels into applicable positions on the side & back panels 

Position the front panels into the side panel and insert the connector cross dowels into the inside of the front panels. Add bolts and tighten slightly just enough to hold 

With help, finish with positioning the other side panel in a scissor motion from the back to the front slotting in all the panels as you go. Push remaining connector bolts into the sides and screw in place making sure bolts are all tightened. 


Thank you for purchasing a quality Australian made product manufactured by 4kidsnmore!