Fort Safety

TOPICS:  Installation Safety Precautions | Safe Play Rules | Fort Maintenance kids forts safety installation ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES WHILST CHILDREN ARE PLAYING ON FORT CAUTION: We recommend two people working together to install our kids forts to help with lifting and holding poles. SAFETY: Please ensure appropriate safety wear is worn during installation - steel cap boots, ear muffs, clear safety goggles and high vis shirt. Do not install fort in wet weather.

  1. Please read our instruction material and watch the installation video before starting the installation of your kids fort. If you are unsure about anything, please contact us (07) 5529 1095 We are here to help if need be.
  2. Ensure the area is clear of any obstacles. Keep children away from the area until fort is completely installed and soft landing has been applied.
  3. Ensure kids fort is being installed on a completely level surface. Underneath fort surface must be hard ground. Do not install directly onto sand or bark (remember, these reduce over time and can affect the stability of fort). These can be placed around fort as well as any padding when it is assembled and is recommended to ensure soft landing.
  4. Fort must be installed at least 2000mm away from any obstacles that can interfere with safe playing, these being house, fences, power lines, branches, trees etc
  5. Ensure all screws are tightened securely.
  6. Clear area, check for any missed screws or sharp objects left laying around.
  7. Fort must be stained/painted straight away to stay within the guidelines of our warranty. Fort is best stained/painted before any rain.

kids fort, kids wooden fort, kids fort gold coast-brisbane, kids wooden forts kids fort safe play rules ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES WHILST CHILDREN ARE PLAYING ON FORT CAUTION: Please dress children in appropriate clothing for safe play. Avoid any clothing with drawstrings or loose fitting clothes that may become snagged or caught up on equipment. SAFETY: Please do not allow play on kids fort if wet. This can cause slipping on equipment that may cause injury.

  • Do not walk or play in front of, between or behind swings, monkey bars and slides whilst in use
  • Sit directly in the centre of swing seat holding onto rope or chain at all times
  • Swing safety weight is up to 50kgs. Slide safety recommended age is 3-12yrs
  • Do not swing empty swing seats around for the safety of others playing
  • Do not twist swings, ropes or loop them over the top bar as this will reduce the strength of the rope/chain
  • Do not exit swing whilst still in motion
  • Do not climb over safety rails on fort - please stay within the safety area of the rails. Additional top railing can be purchased to offer extra safety for open areas
  • Do not climb on the swing or monkey bar frame to prevent falls
  • Please only use play equipment in the manner that it is intended for

kids fort, swing set, monkey bar, climbing wall, kids fort gold coast, cubby house kids fort safety maintenance  Regular monthly maintenance checks of your kids fort is very important!

  • Check all logs for any splitting. If excessive splitting occurs where any type of entrapment can happen, fill in cracks with an appropriate silicone/filler
  • Check all hardware/screws and replace if necessary
  • Check all screws and tighten if required
  • Check all swings for any deterioration (rusting) in chain/rope or plastic seating. Replace if required
  • Any timber replacement parts can be purchased directly through 4Kids N More - Contact us 
  • Any deterioration or replacement should be made immediately
  • Re-stain or re-paint any faded timber for longevity and to revive the look of the timber

We hope your children have many years of safe play on our forts. Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.