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Displayed below are some step by step demonstration photos and instructions to assist in assembling your OB001 Cubby Fort Model. 
After viewing this, please read the instructions that were included in your fort package prior to assembling so you have as much information possible to start constructing your fort. 

PLEASE NOTE: Accuracy is very important! This is a two person task.

STEP ONE: Assemble the climbing wall side
Assemble on a flat level surface.
Place the 3 pole holder jigs and lay 2 of the 2370mm logs as shown in the pic below.
Using your tape measure, measure from the bottom of the pole up 1200mm and make a mark, and again at 2200mm. Repeat on the other pole. This is where you will be placing the middle timber and top facing panel.

From the top of the pole, on the side, measure in from the side 120mm and mark as shown in the pic below. Repeat on the other pole (this will be useful when assembling)

Place one of the rectangle structure beams, with the top of the beam on the 1200mm mark, square up making sure it is flush with the outside of the pole and screw in place using the 100mm screws. Repeat on the other side. Place another rectangle structure beam flush with the bottom of the poles and screw in place. 

Place the bottom of the top facing panel onto the 2200mm mark, use the 30ml spacer on each side to centre. Start with the bottom left hole and screw in place. Line up evenly. Secure one side only and measure diagonally as shown in bottom photo and make sure it is even on both sides prior to screwing down the other side.


 Move assembled wall into a safe position out of the way where it cannot fall.

STEP TWO: Assembling the cafe wall

Lay logs in place in the 3 pole holder jigs as mentioned in step one.
Place the cafe wall in place on the logs with the timber block face down towards the middle of the logs.
Use the 30ml spacer, repeat the steps as shown in step one.


STEP THREE: Joining the assembled cafe wall and blank wall together - 75mm screws

With help, flip the cafe wall over so that the cafe panel is faced down. Place one of the rectangle structure beams flush at the bottom on the inside of the pole and screw in place. Repeat on the opposite side. Repeat this step again in the middle, placing the structure beam top on the 120mm mark and screw in place. It should be flush with the top of the cafe panel. Repeat on the other side.
Stand the assembled cafe panel upright. Position the assembled blank wall with the structure beams on the inside of the poles and and screw in place. 

STEP FOUR: Attach the floor - 75mm screws
Place floor into postion where slide and cafe are meant to face. Measure all sides to make sure even on opposite sides. Prior to screwing down in place, now is the time to make sure the fort is completely level.

STEP FIVE: Assembling the top middle pye piece (75mm screws)

Place the 2000mm pole and both 1270mm poles into a pye position with the longest pole on top.
Measure in the the end of the top pole on the side 400mm and mark. Place 1270mm pole where mark is and square up evenly. 

Place the triangle panel on top of the two poles, square off with the pye spacer as shown in the two photos below and screw down one screw at the top of the triangle into the top pole, make sure all is flush and screw in another screw at the bottom of the triangle into the bottom pole.

Finish adding screws in the remaining holes. Use the 1mtr spacer in between the poles to match up evenly and repeat the process with the triangle on the other pole.

Flip the partially assemble pye piece and repeat the same process on the other side. Once complete, the pye piece should look like this (see photo below).

Stand the assembled pye piece next to the fort and jump up onto the floor. Lift the pye peice up and position it on top of the top facing panels where the dip is to sit the poles making sure the two poles sit on the floor panel.

Fastening the assembled pye piece. Using the 447mm to position the middle pole, and the straight edge of one of the pole holders to make flush with outside poles as shown in photo below, position the upright pye pole centre on the floor. Hold in place and screw from inside the cubby up into the pre-drilled hole of the floor up into the bottom of the pole. Repeat this step for the other pole on the pye piece.

Fasten screws in place at the front of the top facing panels into the pye piece upright poles (see photo below)

STEP SIX - Adding the roof timber supports - 100mm screws

Place the pole holder jig at the top of the poles to space evenly. Have someone hold the jig so it doesn't fall. Add the timber with the bottom sitting on the 120mm mark (previously drawn) and screw in place. Repeat this step on the opposite side.

STEP SEVEN - Assembling the middle short (1170mm) pole where the slide goes - 100mm screws

Place the pole, centre behind the top timber, (use the 447mm spacer to centre evenly). First: screw in place up through the pre-drilled hole in the floor, up into the centre of the pole. Second: Add 100mm screws to the centre pre-drilled holes on the timber top into the pole to fully secure.

STEP EIGHT - Adding the safety rails - 75mm screws

Using the 1mtr and 447mm spacers to get the correct height for the rail, sit both spacers upright as shown in photos below, then place the double rail ontop (above the cafe wall) and judge the centre within the poles. Screw in place where the pre-drilled holes are to secure rail. Repeat this process with the other two rails. View rail positioning in the fully assembled photo below.

STEP NINE - Adding the ladder - 75mm screws 

Place the ladder into position, sitting under the floor as seen in photo above, centre and screw into pre-drilled holes to secure.

STEP TEN - Installing the roof - small roofing screws

Place the roof panels into position on top of the middle and side pole, centre both panels evenly and screw down into the pre-drilled holes to secure. The timber panels underneath sit in between the pole on the slide side as shown in photo below. 

STEP ELEVEN - Installing the eye bolt for the rope - 12mm spade bit

Pole that is overhanging the ladder. Mark in 100mm from the end of the pole underneath and drill up through the log to create the hole for the eyebolt. Use safety glasses to prevent any small timber pieces falling into your eyes. See photos below.
Insert the eyebolt and using a spanner to hold the top while twisting the bottom to screw in place. Add the black cover on top of the the bolt. Attach the rope.


FINAL STEP - Add accessories

Add all accessories where applicable. Use the block provided for the telescope. Place top of slide onto the floor and screw in place with two small screws provided to secure. 

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