Thank you for purchasing a quality Australian made fort from 4Kids N More!
Displayed below are some step by step demonstration photos and instructions to assist in assembling the swing structure to add to your fort.  
After viewing this, please read the instructions that were included in your fort package prior to assembling so you have as much information possible to start constructing your swing structure

PLEASE NOTE: Accuracy is very important! This is a two person task.

STEP ONE: Assemble the end structure
Assemble on a flat level surface. Place the centre 2100mm pole with the two side poles into position as shown below. Measure down 787mm from the top of the middle pole on the sides and mark. This is where the top of the side poles sit. Repeat on the other side and screw the side pole into position using 100mm screws.

Place the top timber onto the bottom of the poles as shown in the 3 photos below. Square up and screw in one screw (100mm) into the pre-drilled holes in the middle. Using the square, make sure the end pole lines up with the pre-drilled holes at the side and screw in one screw. Repeat at the other end, keeping square and flush with the bottom of the poles. Add remaining screws.


Adding the facing panel - 75mm screws
Measure down from the top of the middle pole 830mm and mark. Place the top of the facing panel on the mark and sit evenly centred onto the three poles as shown below. Screw top middle first, then bottom middle, then bottom side on each side, then all remaining holes. Flip assembled panel and repeat on the other side with the bottom timber and top facing panel.

This is how the fully assembed end should look below.

STEP TWO - Assembling the top swing pole