Listed below are the timber and board options available for our products to suit all situations and budgets.

UNPAINTED MDF 18mm - DIY, Painting is required!
Australian Made MDF - Products made in the unpainted mdf are for indoor play areas only. Painting is highly recommended to coat and seal the product and is required to stay within the guidelines of our warranty. Do not cut into the board and wipe off any dust with a slightly damp cloth prior to painting. No primer is required. The surface is completely smooth ready to apply 2-3 coats depending on the colour of paint. Best applied with a roller for a nice even finish or a spray gun. We've found Taubmans Endure exterior water based paint in semi gloss or satin offers a nice finish and is easy to wipe over. It is a water based paint with low odour. Paint your item outdoors and leave to dry in the sun prior to bringing indoors. A light sand around the edges is recommended after the first coat with a 180 grit sandpaper. Allow paint on all panels to completely dry and set outdoors prior to assembling inside. 
Recommendation only: Taubmans Endure or Dulux Weathershield Exterior Water Based Paint. Please check with a paint professional as another option prior to painting.

WHITE SATIN BOARD 18mm - Painting is optional, the edges are uncoated.
Australian Made White Satin - Products made in the white satin board are for indoor play areas only. White satin board has a fine coat of white melamine on both sides of the panel with an mdf centre. A lot of people are preferring the natural look, the edges are uncoated. Our painting recommendations are the same as the unpainted MDF if you would like to paint. Alternatively, seal the edges using a smaller roller. Roll the uncoated edges with a clear water based sealer/varnish to seal the timber for easy cleaning

TREATED PLY 17.5mm - Paint or Stain
LOSP treated ply is for outdoor use only. The LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) is used to protect the timber from termites. Painting or staining to seal the timber for outdoor use and protect the timber from the weather elements is highly recommended for longevity of your product. The timber is CD grade with imperfections in the wood, sanded smooth ready to coat. 
Recommendations: Intergrain stain, Taubmans Endure exterior or Dulux Weathershield exterior water based paint.

Birch Veneer 
Birch veneer is a beautiful natural material. Being a natural product, the sheets can have minor variations within the timber such as a butterfly patch or small core voids. These small variations and imperfections are part of the natural timber look. We love each and every one and we are sure you will too being a natural option.

Keep it natural, stain, varnish, or paint....the choice is yours!