Tractor Bulldozer Bed Instructions

Thank you for purchasing!
Below are the instructions for our Bulldozer/Tractor bed with images for each step.

Please make sure there are no little ones around when assembling the bed as the panels are quite large with small bolts and connectors.

Assemble is best with two people.
Step One - Position one of the side panels upright and insert the two straight base support panels into the applicable slots. Add the connectors and and bolts to hold in place.

Step Two - Insert the back panel into position and add the connectors and bolts to hold.

Step Three - Lay the partially assembled bed down with the inserted panels sitting upright.

Step Four - Insert the base panel as shown below.

Step Five - Place the other side panel on top of the inserted panels. Add connectors and
Bolts to hold in place.

Step Six - Tip the bed upright.

Step Seven - Slide the roof top in place as shown below

Step Eight - Insert the front roof top panel in place and secure with connectors and bolts.
Add the front panel and secure.

Final Step - Add the wheels with the white connectors and your done!
If you have purchased the sealer to seal the edges, rolling the edges with the sealer when assembled is the easiest way. Add some card board underneath at the bottom so not to get any sealer on the floor. No need to seal underneath. Give a light sand after the first coat to make surfact nice and smooth and apply another two coats for best results.